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Ch. Caora Sweet Summer Breeze


        Ch.MacDega Malibu
   Ch. MacDega Candray Cartel
        Ch.Candray Vanessa
Ch. Peacewynde Chianti "Vinnie"
        Ch. Macdega Malibu
    Peacewynde Pride of Heritage
        Heritage Sonatina

Ch. Caora Sweet Summer Breeze 

        Ch. Glademist Dueling Banjos
    Ch.Jade Mist Beyond Tradition ROM 
        Jade Mist Social Climber
 Ch. Dublin Hill Holiday Tradition CDX CGC
        Ch. MacDega Deniro
    She's A Star Morgan
        Candray Family Ties

Breeze, daughter of "Vinnie" (the #1 Nationally ranked Sheltie and group 2 winner at Westmister), finished her breed championship February 10, 2001. Breeze is resuming her agility training with Alyssa.

7/31/98 Perkiomen Valley- V.Hampton WB,BW,BB-1pt
8/6/99 Ft.Stueben- R.Bauer WB,BW,BOS-4pts
11/19/00 Cahaba Valley KC- J.Mitchel WB,BW-2pts
11/26/00 Montgomery KC- JD.Jones WB,BW,BOS-1pt
12/3/00 Savannah KC- M.Foy WB,BOS-1pt
12/7/00 Northlake KC- L.Canalizo WB,BW,BB-2pt
12/17/00 Brevard KC- C.Andrew WB,BW,BOS-1pt
2/10/01 Mid-Florida SSC- F.Carothers 



Bred & Owned by Caora, Sharon Raab Poorman



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